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A Beautiful Planet
- see the Earth through new eyes

Experience our amazing planet from outer space. Join us on the International Space Station, ISS, and follow the astronauts in their daily lives. Behold magnificent never-before-seen images of our planet. 45 minutes.

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Book your tickets at +46 8 519 540 00, or bokning@nrm.se

The film’s narrator is none other than Youtube star and radio-commentator Clara Henry.

Vår planet är enm värld av vatten. Foto: 2016 IMAX Corp/NASA
En arbetsdag för en astronaut i rymden. Foto:  2016 IMAX Corp/NASA 
På natten syns människans inverkan på jorden. Foto: 2016 IMAX Corp/NASA 

A film that inspires a sense of fascination and wonder at our planet and humanity’s role on it. The film is produced in collaboration with NASA.


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Children and young adults, 5-18 years old: 80 SEK
Adults: 130 SEK


Film Facts

Age limit: 5 years. However, recommended age is 7 years old. 

Swedish narrator:
Clara Henry

About 45 minutes

Producerad av:

Original title:
A Beautiful Planet

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En inblick i en astronauts vardag. Foto:  2016 IMAX Corp/NASA 
Jordan från ovan. Kupolen är ett magsiskt fönster. Foto: 2016 IMAX Corp/NASA

Accessible facilities, impaired hearing, vision or mobility, wheelchairs etc.