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Anna Roos



Phone: +46 (0)8 519 542 23


I study contaminant and health in aquatic top predators; otter, harbor porpoise and seals. I collect ca 30 harbor porpoises/year together with pathologists in Uppsala and together we perform necropsy and sampling at National Veterinary Institute, SVA, in Uppsala. We also sample rare cetaceans from Swedish waters: the last few years five Sowerby´s beaked whale, a humpback whale, a northen bottlenose whale, and in 2023 a common dolphin, a whitesided dolphin, a humpback whale and a killer whale. This work is funded by Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management.

Also, I perform necropsy and sampling of ca 220 otters/year at the museum, most of them killed in traffic or in fishing geer.

I send samples for contaminant analyses and summarize and report results in scientific papers as well as in reports.

Together with Kvismare bird station I collect dead eggs from ospreys (every five year) for contaminant analysis and to follow reproductive outcome.

Research field

I study environmental contaminants and health among aquatic apex species, with special focus on otters, harbour porpoises, seals and ospreys.


I work on projects on contaminants in aquatic apex species, mainly grey, ringed and harbor seals, harbor porpoises and otters: mostly time trends and spatial studies and to certain degree contaminants in relation to pathology.

Other Professional Roles

I am part of the management group at the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Otter Specialist Group (OSG) utterspecialistgrupp (OSG).external link

I am part of the Scientific Advisory Boardexpert Shaw Instituteexternal link, in Maine USA.

I am associated researcher at Greenland Climate Research Centre at Greenland Institute of Natural Resources, in Nuuk. Here I study contaminants and diet among cetaceans and seals as well as reindeer.


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