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Information due to the corona virus

The museum is preparing to open with precautions for the health and safety of visitors and staff in mind.

Precautionary measures

The Swedish Natural History Museum follows the expert authorities and the governments measures to lower the infection rates of COVID-19. We have taken various precautions through the implementation of regulations in order to offer a safer visit for our staff and visitors.

To minimize congestion and to keep distance from other visitors

  1. The maximum amount of customers or visitors that are allowed in our museums premises or facilities will be calculated.
  2. The maximum amount of visitors will be documented and displayed on clearly marked signs near the restricted areas.
  3. A limited amount of tickets available per day, divided into alloted times. Pre booked free tickets are required for entry.
  4. The museum staff are there to oversee that crowding dose not happen and to make sure visitors stick to social distancing recomendations.
  5. Visitors are to be spread out over the whole museum and, when needed, directed to different exhibitions upon entry to the museum.
  6. Separate entrances and exits when possible.
  7. Floor markings and reminders to keep your distance when waiting in a queue and within the exhibitions.
  8. Crowded places in the exhibitions will be closed or marked with maximum number of visitors if deemed suitable for example the excavation area in the Fossils and evolution exhibition.
  9. The exhibition The Human Animal will only be open for passing through. The exhibition is closed due to many interactive areas.
  10. Reminding people, tannoy announcements and signs to help visitors to observe social distancing.

Reinforced hygiene routines

  1. Cleaning of the museum takes place on a regular basis throughout the day.
  2. Extended cleaning routines for exposed contact surfaces such as door handles, touch screens, buttons etc.
  3. Several hand sanitizing stations throughout the museum.
  4. We ask that visitors and employees stay at home if they are sick
  5. Museum staff use personal protective equipment in situations we deem appropriate.

Information and follow-up routines

  1. Visitors are informed on how to help reduce further spread of Covid-19 before and during their visit.
  2. The Natural history museum will stay up to date with the latest events and news from the government and expert authorities, as well as the regional infectious diseases doctor.
  3. Museum staff are informed and educated on how to reduce further spread of covid-19, our implemented precautionary measures and on how to use personal protective equipment.
  4. We evaluate the result of our implemented precautionary measures on a regular basis.

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