How to get here:
Frescativägen 40

Regular hours:
Tuesday-Sunday 10-18


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The museum is open!

Welcome with a pre-booked, free ticket! We are open with adjustments to be able to offer a museum visit with thought and care in mind for our visitors and staff.

To keep in mind

  • Stay at home if you have symptoms
  • Use hand sanitiser / wash your hands
  • Maintain your distance

We make your visit safer together!

All our precautionary measures.

Visiting slots

To visit us, you must have a pre-booked ticket for one of our slots below. Our tickets are released for 14 days at a time and tickets are released every Thursday. Remember to cancel your ticket if you get ill or are otherwise uable to use your slot. Thanks!


Slot 1: 12.15–14.30
Slot 2: 15–17

Saturday, Sunday, holidays

Slot 1: kl. 10–12.30
Slot 2: kl. 13.15–15.30
Slot 3: kl. 16–18

Exhibitions and other offerings

We reserve the right to make changes at short notice in order to offer you the safest possible visit.

The exhibitions are open

The exhibitions are open with a few exceptions.

See information about current exhibitions on our exhibition page.

Cosmonova and the Lab

Cosmonova and the Lab are closed until håller stängt tills vidare.

The museum shop

The museum shop is open during the visiting slots for visitors with a pre-booked ticket.

Eating at the museum

Restaurant Fossilen

Restaurant Fossilen is open and no ticket is needed:

Tuesday–Friday 12-16.30
Saturday, Sunday, holidays 10-17

If you visit the restaurant outside your visitor's slot, you must enter and exit via a separate entrance to the museum's courtyard.

Picnic rooms

Our picnic rooms are open during the visiting sessions for visitors with a pre-booked ticket.


The museum's main entrance may only be used for entrance. Exit takes place towards the courtyard on the museum's lower level. The accessibility entrance (at the restaurant Fossilen) is closed. If you need passage that way, contact us by phone: 08-519 551 25.

Cloakroom and lockable cabinets

For your safety and reduced spread of infection, we do not currently have the opportunity to offer lockers and wardrobes.

Stay updated

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