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The Asteroid type collection

At The Department of Invertebrate Zoology

Asteroid type species names

The asteroid type collection contains 37 records of 22 species. However, despite a recent (2000) revision attempt there may still be additional types in the main collection, unknown to us. Likewise, some of the specimens marked as types may turn out not be type material. If you are interested in this collection or suspect that we might have a type not listed here, please contact the echinoderm curator Sabine Stöhr. The list is sorted by species epithet.

Sabine Stöhr

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Type collection

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Forskning om ormstjärnor

Acodontaster elongatus var. abbreviatus Koehler, 1923

Astropecten andromeda Müller & Troschel, 1842

Cryptasterias brachiata Koehler, 1923

Cycethra cingulata Koehler, 1923

Kalyptasterias conferta Koehler, 1923

Labidiaster crassus Koehler, 1923

Echinaster diffidens Koehler, 1923

Astropecten fasciatus Döderlein, 1926

Ophidiaster germani Perrier, 1875

Ophidiaster granifer Lütken, 1871

Choriaster granulatus Lütken, 1869

Allostichaster inaequalis Koehler, 1923

Leptoptychaster mendosus Koehler, 1923

Pseudontaster moderatus Koehler, 1923

Asterias mollis Hutton, 1872

Diplopteraster nordenskjoeldi Koehler, 1923

Pentaceraster odhneri Döderlein, 1926

Sporasterias pedicellaris Koehler, 1923

Nepanthia polyplax Döderlein, 1926

Pseudarchaster pusillus Fischer, 1905

Cosmasterias radiata Koehler, 1923

Margaraster scaber Hutton, 1872