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Tobias Kånneby selected publications


Kånneby, T. (2016). Phylum Gastrotricha. In: Thorp, J., Rogers, D. C. (Eds.), Keys to Nearctic Fauna: Thorp and Covich’s Freshwater Invetebrates, 115-131.


Kånneby, T. (2015). A redescription of Chaetonotus (Primochaetus) veronicae Kånneby, 2013 (Gastrotricha: Chaetonotidae). Zootaxa, 4027, 442-446.

Kånneby, T. & Todaro, M. A. (2015). The phylogenetic position of Neogosseidae (Gastrotricha: Chaetonotida) and the origin of planktonic Gastrotricha.

Kånneby, T., Hochberg, R. (2015). Phylum Gastrotricha. In: Thorp, J., Rogers, D. C. (Eds.), Ecology and General Biology: Thorp and Covich’s Freshwater Invetebrates, 211-223.

Kånneby, T. Bernvi, D. C., Jondelius, U. (2014). Distribution, delimitation, and description of species of Archaphanostoma (Acoela). Zoologica Scripta (online first). doi:10.1111/zsc.12092


Kånneby, T., Wicksten, M. K. (2014). First record of the enigmatic genus Redudasys (Gastrotricha: Macrodasyida) from the northern hemisphere. Zoosystema 36(4), 723-734.

Schwank, P., Kånneby, T. (2014). Contribution to the freshwater gastrotrich fauna of wetland areas of southwestern Ontario (Canada) with redescriptions of seven species and a check-list for North America. Zootaxa 3811(4), 463-490.

Kånneby, T., Atherton, S., Hochberg, R. (2014). Two new species of Musellifer (Gastrotricha: Chaetonotida) from Florida and Tobago and the systematic placement of the genus within Paucitubulatina. Marine Biology Research 10(10), 983-995.