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Diana Carlsson

PhD Student


Phone: +46 (0)8 519 540 98
E-post: diana.carlsson@nrm.se

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Research interests

My current work is aimed to understand how extreme climate, and impact events can be recorded in fossilized microorganisms found in the deep biosphere. By studying the connection between past life, the surrounding mineralogy, as well as the role of hydrothermal fluids, we might be able to reconstruct Earth’s climate. I will also evaluate if and how fossilized life in open pore spaces in bedrock might be used as a biosignature, as well as to get a better understanding on where to find possible life on other terrestrial bodies.

See also my personal webpage:

www.dianacarlsson.seexternal link


Project I. Fossilized microorganisms in deep rock and deep time – proxies for past ocean chemistry and climate change