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Exploring Tropical Sweden

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During the Cretaceous age, the Kristianstad Basin in Scania in southern Sweden was one of the northernmost tropical regions that ever existed on Earth, and it was teeming with marine life. We have a vast collection of hundreds of thousands of fossils from this area, including clams, snails, corals, sponges, crabs, barnacles, sea urchins, and many more. Rock outcrops around the Kristianstad Basin represent a range of habitats, from a unique example of a rocky intertidal shore preserved at Ivö Klack, to the deeper parts of the basin.

We are using a Citizen Science and mass digitization approach to capture a large amount of information, from the size and morphology of the specimens, to the diversity and abundance of the species from all parts of the basin. This will provide us with valuable insight into this ancient ecosystem.

This research is funded by the Synthesys program of the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Program (Grant no. 312253)

Project Participants at NRM

Steffen Kiel (project leader)

Hedra Gourieh (assistant)

Liu Liping (assistant)