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Topics at ESB conference

During the conference we will cover several topics connected to environmental specimen banking.

After the submission deadline has passed, sessions names may be altred or merged depending on the amount and kind of registered contributions.


1. The use of specimen banks in research:

  • Case studies in retrospective monitoring
  • How can we increase the visibility of ESBs for policy, research and the public?

2. Monitoring at the top of the food chain - The role of top predators in ESBs.

3. The use of abiotic matrices in environmental specimen banking.

4. Health-related monitoring in humans and wildlife.

5. How can environmental specimen banks support regulation and legislation of chemicals?

6. Environmental specimen banks and new analytical methods. For example Non-target, micro plastics, nanoparticles, genomics, stable isotopes.

7. Best practises and quality assurance for collection, sampling and storage of specimens and data.

8.  Environmental monitoring programmes in different countries.

9. Worldwide temporal trends of mercury.

10. Arctic monitoring and research.