• MiniDino

    4 ½ billion years, our big exhibition about dinosaurs, is currently under reconstruction.
    Meanwhile you can meet some of our favorites here in MiniDino.

  • Swedish Nature
    In the exhibition you can learn about various aspects of Swedish nature to show why natural environments look and function the way they do.
  • The Human Animal

    Our brand new exhibition on human biology!

  • A souvenir for Life

    A small exhibition with at big message.
    About trade with threatened species.

Permanent exhibitions

Makrill. Foto: Staffan Waerndt.

Life in water

The story of habitats from the open sea, streams and under your own dock.

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Diversity of Life

Why is biological diversity important? Meet species in water, on land and in the air.

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Swedish Nature

Peek inside a bear's winter quarters, meet wolves and lynx, or investigate an anthill from the inside.

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Valross. Foto: Staffan Waerndt

Polar Regions

Visit the Polar regions, this fantastic, white, secluded world and meet the animals that survive here.

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Ametist. Foto: Staffan Waerndt

Treasures from the Earth's Interior

Meteorites from far, far away, sparkling  stones and minerals in all the colours of the rainbow.

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Två unga kvinnor undersöker klimatfrågor i utställningen. Foto: Mikael Axelsson

Mission: Climate Earth

Experiences and knowledge about future climate and its consequences.

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4½ billion years

The history of life and earth. Closed for reconstruction.

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