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Wildest Weather in the Solar System & Cosmic Collisions

Embark on a journey out  to the Solar system in our digital planetarium show.

In Wildest Weather in the Solar system you will witness the most beautiful, powerful, and mysterious weather phenomena. From a storm the size of a 100-megaton hydrogen bomb, to a 400-year-old hurricane, to a dust tempest that could engulf entire planets.

Cosmic Collisions takes you on a thrilling trip through space and time, to explore cosmic collisions and hypersonic impacts that drive the dynamic and continuing evolution of the universe.

Length: approx 45 min.

Receivers (limited quantity) for English narration.


Phone: +46 (0)8 519 540 00


Wildest Weather in the Solar System

Narrator: Michael Trucco.

Produced by: Day´s End Pictures Production and National Geographic Entertainment

Cosmic collisions

Narrator:Robert Redford

Produced by: Developed by the American Museum of Natural History, New York in collaboration with the Denver Museum of Nature and Science; GOTO, Inc., Tokyo, Japan; and the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. Created by the American Museum of Natural History with the major support and partnership of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Science Mission Directorate, Heliophysics Division.

bild Kosmiska kollisioner

Photo: © American Museum of Natural History

Phases of the Moon

Why does Earth's moon appear to change its shape each night. Learn more about what causes the different moon phases.

Phases of the Moon

The Modern Constellations

You can find out more information about constellations and star maps in GIF-format that show how every constellation looks.

The Modern Constellations

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