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Research themes

The research at the Research Division is centred around four broad themes.
The Changing Earth

The Changing Earth

Knowledge about the transitional change of the earth´s crust is fundamental for our understanding of geological processes and their influence on long-term changes in the conditions for animals and plants.

Ecosystems and Species History

The study of large-scale changes in species diversity through geologic time is important for understanding of why certain ecosystems are more species-rich than others, and how these ecosystems have evolved.
Ecosystem and Species History
The Diversity of Life

The Diversity of Life

The Swedish Museum of Natural History is deeply involved in research on the world´s biodiversity, relationships between different organisms (phylogeny), and evolution.

Man and the Environment

The Swedish Museum of Natural History contributes, through its research and broad expertise, to a better understanding of the environment and its sustainable use.
Man and the Environment

These themes have been created to stimulate collaboration between the traditional research subjects. For example, “The Changing Earth" comprises research on animals, plants, mineral and rocks. We believe that this approach will increase collaboration between different fields of research, as well as make it more accessible to the general public.