This page will not be updated and the content may be out of date.

Since March 2013 the Rining Center is part of the new depatment - Envitonmental research and monitoring.

Have you found a bird ring?

If you find a bird ring with the address RIKSMUSEUM STOCKHOLM, please report it to us at the Bird Ringing Centre, Swedish Museum of Natural History!

You may send us bird rings found in Sweden with foreign addresses too, in which case we will forward these to the appropriate ringing central.

The Swedish Museum of Natural History does not, though, handle information about homing pigeons. Rings used for homing pigeons lack an address but show some number codes and a country code, for example 'S' for Sweden. If you have found a homing pigeon, please contact:
Swedish Homing Pigeon Societyexternal link, opens in new window.

Valuable information about recovered rings

  • When was the bird or bird ring found?
  • Where was it found?
    Give the location, distance to the nearest village or city. If you have a GPS-coordinate we will be very happy for this information too.
  • How was the bird found?
    If it was found dead - do you have any idea about for how long it might have been dead? Was it fresh or in decomposition? Do you have any idea about the cause of death? If the ring was found without any remnants of a bird, please give this information.
  • Name and full address.

Everyone who reports a ringed bird will receive a recovery letter from the Bird Ringing Centre with information about where and when the bird was ringed. Sometimes it may take some time, though, to get the information about the ringed bird, for example if the bird was ringed very soon before the recovery or if it was ringed abroad.

You can report your recovery via internet, mail or by telephone.
Report via internet

Mail address

Swedish Museum of Natural History
Bird Ringing Centre
Box 50 007
SE - 104 05 Stockholm

Telephone number   +46 (0)8 - 5195 4080

If the bird is dead, please take care of the ring so that it is possible to check it again if something is strange about the recovery. If the ring number is hard to read, please send us the ring.

Most of the rings can easily be straightened out and attached with adhesive tape on a piece of paper. Please state the ring number in the letter even if you attach the ring - rings can sometimes break through the envelope and disappear in the machinery of the postal services.

Colour-ringed birds

Colour-rings and other special markings are sometimes used on birds within research projects for an easier identification of individuals in the field. Information about colour-ring projects in Europe can be found on the web-site:
European Colour-ring Birdingexternal link, opens in new window.

Dead birds

If you find a dead bird in Sweden, with or without a bird ring, you are welcome to contact the Department of Vertebrate Zoology at the Swedish Museum of Natural History. Some bird species are to be reported if found dead and others might be of interest for the research collection at the museum.  
Department of Vertebrate Zoology