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Since March 2013 the Rining Center is part of the new depatment - Envitonmental research and monitoring.

The Bird Ringing Centre


Welcome to the Bird Ringing Centre in Sweden. At the Bird Ringing Centre all scientific ringing of wild birds in Sweden is administrated. Since bird ringing begun in Sweden in 1911 more than twelve million individual birds have been ringed and more than 158 000 of these have been recovered.

If you have found a ring or a ringed bird with the inscription RIKSMUSEUM STOCKHOLM we would be very pleased if you report this to us. How to report a ring or a ringed bird is described under Report ring recovery. If you give us your contact details we will send you a note on the recovered bird with information on when and where the bird was ringed and anything else we know about this individual bird.
Report ring recovery

Bird ringing, as a scientific method, is very important for our knowledge about reproduction, migration and survival rates in many bird species and every recovery report is valuable. The ringing data and recovery reports are stored in several databases and archives and used for analyses and research on birds and, for example, environmental issues.
More about bird ringing


Until 2007 the Bird Ringing Centre published, on an annual basis, a report on the birds ringed and recovered during a previous year. The last annual report included recoveries processed during 2005. No report was published in 2008 and annual reports will probably not be published in this way in the future.
The Swedish Bird Ringing Atlas was finalised in 2008 and includes three volumes. The first volume was published in 2001, the second and the third volumes were published in 2008.  
Annual report

Scientific and popular articles based on bird ringing data are published by the staff at the Bird Ringing Centre as well as by independent researchers.