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Phanerogamic Botany

The department of Phanerogamic Botany has a large library of scientific literature, books, reprints, and journals. Except for the many reprints, the entire library is databased.

Number of titles

The library comprises ca 33.000 titles (reprints excluded), most of which are floras and various treatments on the systematics and taxonomy of vascular plants (flowering plants, gymnosperms, and pteridophytes).

Who can use the library

The library is mainly used by the departments scientific staff and collection curators, but also by the many visiting researchers. Others may have access to the library after contacts with the department.


Ulf Swenson
Thomas Karlsson

Scientific litterature

Exemples from the library. Photo: Ulf Swenson

The library

The library. Photo: Ulf Swenson

Cryptogamic Botany


The Department of Cryptogamic Botany has research library located in the proximity of the collections. The library contains journals, books, research articles and reports for the different cryptogamic organism groups.

Number of titles

Total number of titles in the library is about 32.000.

Who can use the library

At first hand, the library is for internal use by the researchers at the museum, but copies of publications can be ordered by members of the public.

A computer database for searching literature in the different department libraries within the museum is available at the link below.

Staff in charge of the library

Mats Wedin

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Shelf with new titels

The news shelf. Photo: Ulf Swenson

 Flora Suecica

Page from Linnaeus' Flora Suecica from 1755.