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Antonius Münchenbergs Herbarium vivum

Learn more about the diverse cryptogamic organisms.

Fungus plates

Fungus plates painted under the supervision of Elias Fries.

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Interested in how the old botanists wrote?

Here you find samples of handwritings from labels and letters written by botanists.

What are Cryptogams?

A phylogenetic tree shows how the cryptogams are related to each other and to other organisms. (In Swedish only)

The phylogeny of the cryptogams (Kryptogamernas ställning i organismvärlden)

Type material

Here you can find images of types collected in the 18th century. An alga collected in the 18th century described by Carl Linnaeus and lichens described by Olof Swartz and Erik Acharius.

Type material of Fucus venosus L.
Erik Acharius' lichen types
Olof Swartz' lichen types