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Jonas Hagström

Jonas Hagsrtöm



Phone: +46 (0)8 519 542 03


The 'Palaentologist on duty' at the museum. Curation and database registration of the collections, especially the type collection, for later publication on the Internet. Administering loans of specimens and service to visiting researchers. Documentation of the department´s photographic material and archive.


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Nature and natural science. Fieldwork. The history of the museum and Swedish scientific expeditions to the Polar Areas a century ago. Participated in expeditions to Spitsbergen in 2006, 2008, 2009 and to Antarctica 2011.

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About the expedition to Spitsbergen 2006 (PDF) © The Swedish Polar Research Secretariat
About the expedition to SpitsbergenPDF 2008 (PDF) © The Swedish Polar Research Secretariat
The Swedish Polar Research Secretariatexternal link

Jonas på Spetsbergen

Triassic deposits in Sassendalen, Spitsbergen 2006. Photo: Lars Hanning

Bild av expedition vid Kap Svea, Spetsbergen.

Stensiö´s expedition at about the same place in 1912. Photo: unknown