Here you will find the staff at the Laboratory for Isotope Geology.

Permanent staff
Name Title Assignment / area of research
Per Andersson Senior Curator Head of Department, geochemistry
Mats Bergström Service Technician Maintenance technician
Kjell Billström Senior Curator Ore- and bedrock geology
Stefan Claesson Professor Bedrock geology
Lev Ilyinsky Research Engineer Physicist, technical manager at Nordsim
Åke Johansson Senior Curator Bedrock geology, geologist-on-call
Ellen Kooijman Senior Curator Head of the Vegacenter, bedrock geology and geochemistry
Kerstin Lindén Laboratory Assistant Sample preparation, user support, Nordsim
Leena Paulin Junior Admin. Officer Secretary
Per-Olof Persson Senior Curator Bedrock geology
Torsten Persson Research Engineer Technician, mass spectrometer maintenance
Hans Schöberg Research Engineer Chemist, mass spectrometer analysis
Karin Wallner Laboratory Assistant Sample preparation, clean chemistry lab
Martin Whitehouse Senior Curator Head of Nordsim laboratory, bedrock geology
Ph.D. students/postdoctors
Name Title Area of research
Jeremy Bellucci Post-Doc Early Earth, Mars and Moon geology, Nordsim
Sandra Gdaniec Ph.D. student Geochemistry
Fitsum Girum Ph.D. student Bedrock geology
Catherine Hirst Ph.D. student Geochemistry
Heejin Jeon Post-doc Bedrock geology, Nordsim user support
Ross Kielman Ph.D. student Early Earth and Moon geology, Nordsim
Lindsay Krall Ph.D. student Geochemistry
Monika Kusiak Post-doc Bedrock geology, Nordsim
Liselott Kutscher Ph.D. student Geochemistry
Alexander Nemchin Guest researcher Early Earth and Moon geology, Nordsim
Per-Olov Persson Ph.D. student Geochemistry
Leonid Shumlyanskyy Guest researcher Bedrock geology
Fiona Thiessen Ph.D. student Early Earth and Moon geology, Nordsim