The Research Division

Here you will find information about our Research Division and our research at the museum.

The Head of the Research Division has the main responsibility for the organisation and coordination of the research and for the research collections. The Director of Science has a staff of administrators and advisers, known as Research Division Directorate.

Research Division Directorate

Per Ericsonexternal link, Director of Science Irene Bisangexternal link, Senior Grant Liaison Officer Sven Johanssonexternal link, Programmer Thomas Lyrholmexternal link, Senior Assistant to the Director of Science.


The following departments belong to the Research Division:

Bioinformatics and genetics

Biodiversity informatics, analyses of DNA.

Environmental research and monitoring

Monitoring of environmental contaminants, Environmental Specimen Bank, Bird Ringing Centre(administration of bird ringing in Sweden), Palynological Laboratory (pollen analyses).


Corals, worms, gastropods, bivalves,  crustaceans, seastars, sea urchins, etc., insects, arachnids, myriapods, fish, amphimbians, mammals, reptiles, birds and more , FishBase secretariat.


Minerals, isotope analysis of rocks, mineral, sediments, water and environmental samples. NORDSIM and VEGA centre.


Fossil animals and plants.


Seed plants, fungi, lichens, algae, bryophytes and more.