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Franz Weis

Dr, post-doctoral researcher


Phone: +46 (0)8 519 540 72
E-mail: franz.weis@nrm.se

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  • B.Sc. in Geoscience, 2012, Uppsala University, Sweden
  • M.Sc. in Geoscience, 2013, Uppsala University, Sweden
  • Ph.D. in Mineralogy and Spectroscopy, 2016, Uppsala University, Sweden


My responsibilities are mostly doing research. On occasion I assist in teaching a course in analytical methods in earth science at Uppsala University.

Research interests

The main focus of my research lies in the field of mineralogy, more specifically the hydrogen in nominally anhydrous minerals (NAMs) such as clinopyroxene and olivine. I focus on quantifying the amount of hydrogen which these minerals hold and how it is stored and released from the crystals. One big aspect is also the geological application of NAMs, specifically how they can be used to quantify magmatic or mantle volatiles. With my work I was able to reconstruct volatile contents of ocean island basalts and the parental melt of the Martian meteorite Nakhla. My current research continues to focus on volatiles in ocean island volcanism and Eucrite meteorites. I like to perform hydration experiments on NAMs to see how much hydrogen they originally held prior to potential hydrogen loss.

Research project

Selected Publications

  • Weis, F.A., Stalder, R. and Skogby, H. (2016) Experimental hydration of natural volcanic clinopyroxene phenocrysts under hydrothermal pressures (0.5–3 kbar), American Mineralogist, 101, 2233-2247.(paper was selected as ‘Notable paper’ in the issue)
  • Weis, F.A., Skogby, H., Troll, V.R., Deegan, F.M. and Darehn, B. (2015) Magmatic water contents determined through clinopyroxene: Examples from the Western Canary Islands, Spain, Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems, 16, 2127–2146.