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Karin Santos



  • Santos, K., and Kinoshita, L.S. Identification key based on vegetative characters of wood flora in a semideciduous forest fragment in southeastern Brazil. Biota Neotropicaexternal link, opens in new window.


  • Santos, K., Kinoshita, L.S. and Santos, F.A.M. Tree species composition and similarity in semideciduous forest fragments of southeastern Brazil. Biological Conservation 135: 268-277external link, opens in new window.


  • Santos, K. Floristic and structural characterization of eleven semideciduous forest fragments in a Protected Area of Campinas County, Southeastern Brazil. Biota Neotropica 6 (1)external link, opens in new window.  
  • Santos, K., and Kinoshita, L.S. Floristic composition of the woody flora of the Ribeirão Cachoeira forest, Campinas, São Paulo State, a semideciduous tropical forest in Southeastern Brazil. Acta Botanica Brazilica 17: 325-341external link, opens in new window.