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Compositae Newsletter

Compositae Newsletter is a journal publishing scientific papers focusing on the Asteraceae (Compositae), in english, german or french.

The Newsletter contains contributions about various subjects, such as systematics, nomenclature, palynology, cytology, ethnobotany, book announcements, and various kinds of requests.

The journal was initially a newsletter from the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, England, but since 1988 it is published from the Department of Phanerogamic Botany, Swedish Museum of Natural History.

It is issued with 1-3 numbers annually and is distributed, free of charge, to about 700 scientists all over the world.


Manuscrips should be sent to the editor:

Professor Bertil Nordenstam
Department of Phanerogamic Botany
Swedish Museum of Natural History
P. O. Box 50007 S-104 05
Stockholm Sweden


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