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Ivory sculpture. Photo: Annica Roos

About illegal trade with species under threat.

Shown until further.

Calf with two heads. Photo: Staffan Waerndt

About biological diversity, and why it is important.

Shown until further.

Shellfish. Photo: Staffan Waerndt.

About life on Earth. And, of course, dinosaurs.

Shown until further.

Shellfish. Photo: Staffan Waerndt.

The story of habitats from the open sea, streams and under your own dock.

Shown until further.

Cloud machine. Photo: Mikael Axelsson

About future climate and its consequences.

Shown until further.

Whale skeleton. Photo: Mikael Axelsson.

Experience the Arctic and Antarctic grand environment. See animals and plants from landscapes with sweeping pack ice, tundra and endless oceans.

Shown until further.

Hare and wolf. Photo: Mikael Axelsson.

Peek inside a bear's winter quarters, meet wolves and lynx, or investigate an anthill from the inside.

Shown until further.

Human head.

About the human body from an evolutional perspective.

Shown until further.

Children looking at skulls. Photo: Mikael Axelsson

Follow the course of human evolution over the past seven million years.

Shown until further.

Mineral. Photo: Anders Rising

Meteorites from far, far away, sparkling  stones and minerals in all the colours of the rainbow.

Shown until further.

Lek på stock. Foto: Martin Stenmark

Try walking on the Barefoot Path! Watch the insects check into the hotel, and gain insight into the important role that nature plays in cities.

Shown unitl August 13.

Leopard. Joe Zammit-Lucia

A photo exhibition about animal expressions and personalities..

Shown unitl September 3.