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About Cosmonova

At Cosmonova you can enjoy a great, immersive and stunning experience. You can feel what it is like to be on the scene, in the midst of an adventure. The Cosmonova theater is unique, as is its technology.

Cosmonova. Photo: Christopher-Robin

Cosmonova. Photo: Christopher-Robin

Cosmonova. Photo: Christopher-Robin

Cosmonova. Photo: Christopher-Robin

On the 760 square metres dome-shaped screen we show IMAX® films, the world’s largest film format.

Accessibility at Cosmonova

There is an induction loop at Cosmonova. Films shown at Cosmonova are not subtitled.

Visitors in wheelchair remain i the wheelchair during show, for security and to facilitate any
evacuatuin. Accessibility location in the theatre is pre-booked by phone:

+46 (0)8-519 540 00.

Age limit

Children of 10 years of age may visit Cosmonova unaccompanied. Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult over 18 years old.

Infants under the age of 2 are not allowed inside the
theatre. This is to ensure the safety of the little ones in the event of evacuation. Prams and strollers may not be brought inside the theatre. The stroller parking is located next to the entrance to Cosmonova, inside the museum.

The theater

Cosmonova's projection dome is 23 meters in diameter, and is made of perforated aluminum, with a total surface area of 760 m². The panels are perforated in order to let sound pass through the dome, and also are an essential part of the ventilation system for the theater.

The surface of the dome is finished with a special, electrostatically applied paint. The reflectivity of the screen is 35%.

The theater has 262 seats including three places for wheelchairs.

The backs of the seats are tilted at different angles depending on which row in the theater they located. The tilt varies in order to have the best visual experience regardless of where you sit.

Sound system

Audio is provided via a six channel sound system, with a separate sub-bass system, that can cover a frequency range from 20 to 20,000 Hz. Total amplification for the system is 15,200 Watts, delivering up to 110 dB sound pressure levels.

The main sound source for the six channel system is a DDP-2 digital hard disk-based system. A 35 mm mag track and a DA-88 player are used for back-up.

Digital Automation System

The brains of the entire theater is SPICE (Special Projector Interface Control Electronics). SPICE uses SMPTE time code to control all of the different systems.

IMAX® Dome Projector

IMAX® Dome (Formerly known as Omnimax®) utilizes the world's largest film format; 70mm, 15 perf. It is ten times larger than the 35mm film used in most movie theaters. The large film format adds a heightened dimension of brightness, realism and sharpness not found in smaller film formats. Employing a fisheye lens, the projector can cover an angle of 180° by 125°, allowing the audience to become a part of the action projected onto the dome overhead.

The IMAX system, illustration.

The IMAX system

When conventional movie film travels vertically through their projectors, Imax is such a large format that the film travels horizontally through the projector with the help of a special vacuum system that presses the film against the projection lenses back element in a precise motion. The projector's lightsource is a 15 kW xenon arc lamp that is cooled via chilled, filtered water that circulates through the projector.

Digital Fulldome Video Projection

With its new digital system Cosmonova is able to present both in-house produced and licensed planetarium shows as well as other fulldome content.

The system consists of six high resolution Projectiondesign™ F30 sxga+ DLP™ projectors. Each projector is hand-picked and all are colour matched with one other. Through a so called optical edge-blending process a single image is created on the dome with over 6 millions pixels produced by the projections from the six individual projectors. The edge-blending process is made possible thanks to laser correction adjustments via the Mercator™ and Navigator™ software programs.  

The fulldome system´s projectors can provide approx 1 billions colours and have a contrast ratio greater than 7500:1. Two 300 Watt halogen lamps in each projector provide a brightness of 6500 lumens per projector, which are specially adapted for planetarium shows. The system has a total show storage capacity of 12 terabytes.

The advanced visualisation platform, Uniview™ is included in the system, which is used for showing astronomical data in real-time and in colour.

Accessible facilities, impaired hearing, vision or mobility, wheelchairs etc.