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The Echinoderm Newsletter

The Echinoderm Newsletter was founded in 1967 by Dave Pawson at the Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C. Later it was managed for some years by John Lawrence until it came back to the Smithsonian and Cynthia Ahearn. Newsletter 25 was the last printed version distributed to hundreds of subscribers in 2000. Then, the Virtual Echinoderm Newsletter was designed by Susan Hottenrott. In March 2004, parts of the newsletter have been recreated at this site in an effort to provide a basic service to the echinoderm research community. Its new home is the Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm.

A suggestion how to use this information: Browse the list of current research. If you find something interesting, have a look at the respective scientist's recent publications. To ask for a reprint or start a discussion, find the address of that colleague on the address list.

This site is updated often. Help to build it by submitting your information (preferably as rtf attachment, not in an email message). Please, check out the three lists of information (addresses, current research and recent publications) and submit your data written in exactly the same format to help me save time. Or download the example file. Submit to I copy and publish the data without editing, therefore, please make sure your data is correct before submission. Please, notify me if you discover any mistakes on the website. Thank you to everybody who contributes to make this newsletter a valuable resource.

Last update of information: 13 April 2012

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Echinoderm Portal

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Bipinnaria larva of Luidia sarsi. Photo: Sabine Stöhr